Annaliese Lancaster


I don’t have any recollection of my past… well I haven’t had any recollection of who I am since I was a child. I always bounce from different foster homes back to the orphanage until I turned eighteen and was able to leave with nothing more than the clothes on my back. Whenever I was living at the orphanage, I always gotten a package of clothes and some money. There was never a return address and the so called head man didn’t know where they were coming from anyway. It was only two days while I was out exploring the city I was in when I realize things about myself. I was getting harass by a group of drunken idiots until something snapped inside of me and I felt a tingling sensation that travel from me towards the drunken idiots with them on the ground. I ran away… I just ran as I couldn’t grasp what just happened.

When I started running, I realize that I was at a park where I heard the weak mewls of a kitten. I carefully went to the small kitten only to see the scars on its fragile body as I wonder who would do this while my hand gently rest on the kitten’s body as I felt the familiar tingling sensation while my eyes only widen as I witness the wounds of the kittens being healed right in front of my eyes. When the kitten was completely healed, I heard an amused chuckle and a whisper in my mind, “I finally found you, my child.”  The voice in my head told me that I was a witch albeit extremely untrained in my distinctive powers. The voice continues to tell me that my powers weren’t normal for a witch to have that isn’t apart of the main families… so I was nothing more than a puzzling anomaly. The voice decided to give me the name I bare currently as I don’t even know the truth about my own self.

Custom Content: Saliwa from TSR (Swimwear)

Skysims from TSR (Hair)

Lorandiasims 3 (Everyday top and bottom & Divalicious lipstick)

Eyebrow: Shock & Shame 2

Here she is for sharing purposes:

For blamsart


About Senkime

I am twenty-nine year old single mother that loves playing Sims for randomness. Sim Traits: Shy, Socially Awkward, Hopeless Romantic, Family-Oriented and Insane.
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