Alternative Reality

A/N: I would like to give thanks to Blams for allowing us Oliver fans to download him and use him in our games. I figured you would like to know how he is doing.

ETA: I edited by name screwed up.

Xavier’s POV:

It was early in the morning when our small family arrived at Sleepy Paradise. My wife was the one who heard about it, not being so populated, so it was easier to find a home for our growing family. Oh yea, I probably should introduce my wife, her name is Gia Tash nee Tobey and she is a witch. We met in college and apparently, she found my childish nature enduring. We were dating for almost three years before we found out that Gia was expecting and almost ten months later, we were blessed with Metis.

The years have passed and Metis was becoming a child, getting ready to start elementary school while I was a well established fisherman and Gia was established as an alchemist and painter. So we decided that we were ready to expand our family. It was fun activity however I hope that we are lucky again in having children.


Almost one month and two weeks had passed before Gia decided to surprise me with the news of us expecting again. I was over the moon while Gia hinted that she wanted to have a boy this time, I didn’t care the gender of the child, I would love the child no matter what same with Gia before anyone decides to get butt hurt.

Time is funny mistress as Metis is now a child that loves fishing with me and Edmund… yes we named our son Edmund. Gia said it was a strong name and even though, I felt a weird tingle whenever she mentioned it, I just shrugged off really. My wife has this theory that every person have alternative lives that intersect at some points in life and she believes that just maybe us being together and having a loving family is another line in the extreme multitude paths of time. I don’t mind that at all because I believe in all of my lives that I lived my life to the fullest and the life that I am living down isn’t done yet.

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Updates and New Story

So at this time Sarias Legacy and Kellis ISBI are on temporary hiatus until I get everything fixed with my laptop or just buy a new one and redownload every thing with more CC. I also posted in a legacy that I was supposed to start before Sarias Legacy however Sarias became first.

Bonds Legacy: Prologue – The Arrival

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Annaliese Lancaster


I don’t have any recollection of my past… well I haven’t had any recollection of who I am since I was a child. I always bounce from different foster homes back to the orphanage until I turned eighteen and was able to leave with nothing more than the clothes on my back. Whenever I was living at the orphanage, I always gotten a package of clothes and some money. There was never a return address and the so called head man didn’t know where they were coming from anyway. It was only two days while I was out exploring the city I was in when I realize things about myself. I was getting harass by a group of drunken idiots until something snapped inside of me and I felt a tingling sensation that travel from me towards the drunken idiots with them on the ground. I ran away… I just ran as I couldn’t grasp what just happened.

When I started running, I realize that I was at a park where I heard the weak mewls of a kitten. I carefully went to the small kitten only to see the scars on its fragile body as I wonder who would do this while my hand gently rest on the kitten’s body as I felt the familiar tingling sensation while my eyes only widen as I witness the wounds of the kittens being healed right in front of my eyes. When the kitten was completely healed, I heard an amused chuckle and a whisper in my mind, “I finally found you, my child.”  The voice in my head told me that I was a witch albeit extremely untrained in my distinctive powers. The voice continues to tell me that my powers weren’t normal for a witch to have that isn’t apart of the main families… so I was nothing more than a puzzling anomaly. The voice decided to give me the name I bare currently as I don’t even know the truth about my own self.

Custom Content: Saliwa from TSR (Swimwear)

Skysims from TSR (Hair)

Lorandiasims 3 (Everyday top and bottom & Divalicious lipstick)

Eyebrow: Shock & Shame 2

Here she is for sharing purposes:

For blamsart

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Annaliese Lancaster

Here is the revamp of a character of mine to be used for someone. Annaliese is one of my sims that I feel bad for whenever something bad happened to her. I’m going to try to work on her legacy starting from her father, Malachi.

Here is Anna:


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Sims Usage

All I am asking that cc creators get their proper dues since I am using their items for my sims. I just want create for making the sim, you are free to change them to fit what you need them for, just show me their journey in your game if used.

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